Filling Composites, Liners and Light-Cure Bondings

The primary aims of tooth restorations are to bring back the function, shape and appearance of a tooth. Oxford products are developed to meet these objectives with:

• Mechanical & chemical properties adapted to the clinical situations
• Colour, transparency & gloss designed to match the tooth substance
• Simple and convenient handling and use.


Light cured filling composites in mouldable consistency

Oxford Ceram NANO   Light Cure Nano-Filler reinforced Composite

Oxford Ceram MICRO  Light Cure Microhybrid Composite

Oxford Ceram P  Light Cure Condensable Composite for Heavy Stress-Bearing Restorations


Light cured filling composites in flowable consistency

Oxford Flow SE  Light Cure Self Adhesive Flowable Composite

Oxford Flow NANO  Light Cure Flowable Nano Composite

Oxford Flow  Light Cure Flowable Microhybrid Composite



Oxford Iono SE  Light Cure Self-Adhesive Glass Ionomer based Liner

Oxford Iono VLC  Light Cure Glass Ionomer based Liner

Oxford Cal & Cal VLC  Calcium Hydroxide Liner & Light Cure Calcium Hydroxide Liner


Light cured Bondings

Oxford Bond SE Mono  Light Cure Self Etch Bonding

Oxford Bond TE Mono  Light Cure Total Etch Bonding

Oxford Etch  Etching Gel for the Total Etch Adhesive Technique