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Oxford Reline HARD System

Hard Relining Material for Dentures

Chairside direct or indirect use.

Permanent Relining, Low Heat, Easy Application!

Oxford Reline HARD System is a complete system for the permanent relining of dentures in only one appointment. Oxford Reline HARD is MMA-free and has a minimal temperature increase during setting. Simple and easy-to-use with automix cartridges, this product is comfortable for both dentists and patients.


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Oxford Reline HARD System

Part Number Article
19-001* Oxford Reline HARD System Kit: Oxford Reline HARD: 50 ml Automix 10:1 | 6 x Oxford Mix TIP(S) Oxford Prime HARD: 5ml bottle
01-006 50 x Oxford Mix TIP(S) for Automix 50 ml 4:1 / 10:1
05-003 Oxford Automix Dispenser 10:1 / 4:1, 50 ml

* These references are available on demand.