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Oxford GI FILL X

Advanced Glass Ionomer Cement for Filling – Not humidity sensitive

Oxford GI FILL X is a newly developed glass ionomer restorative cement that shows, even in warm and humid climate, an excellent shelf life. Oxford GI FILL X as resin-free cement shows very good biocompatibility.

| Directions for Use – Capsules

| Directions for Use – Handmix

Oxford GI FILL X

Includes: 15 g powder / 8 ml liquid Oxford GI FILL X Handmix | dosage spoon | mixing block or 50 Oxford GI FILL X Capsules e.a. 0,5 g

Oxford GI FILL X Handmix:

Part Number Article
51-017A2 Shade A2
51-017A3 Shade A3
51-017A35* Shade A3,5

Oxford GI FILL X Capsules:

Part Number Article
51-018A2 Shade A2
51-018A3* Shade A3
51-018A35* Shade A3,5
05-002 Oxford Capsule Applier

* These references are available on demand.