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Oxford Correct

Light Cure Flowable Composite to Correct and Repair Crowns and Bridges

Easy-to-Repair with Oxford Correct.

Oxford Correct is a flowable composite indicated for use in the repair and/or modification of Oxford Temp. Oxford Correct has not only the same mechanical properties as Oxford Temp but also the same shades. It is available in various shades in order to match the other Oxford Temp material shades.


| Directions for Use

| Product profile on the American Dental Association

Oxford Correct

Includes: 2 ml / 3,4 g Oxford Correct syringe | 3 x Oxford Needle TIP 20

Part Number Article
39-005A1* Shade A1
39-005A2* Shade A2
39-005A3* Shade A3
02-006 50 x Oxford Needle TIP 20

* These references are available on demand.