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Oxford Bite

Bite Registration Material based on Advanced Silicone Technology

Snap setting, Optimal Consistency for Precise Bite Registration and Optimal Cuttability after Hardening!

Oxford Bite is specifically designed for bite registration: interocclusal and jaw relation records. Based on chemistry A-silicone, it allows precise and distortion-free registration. The soft but steady consistency combined with comfortable working time & hort intraoral setting time make this product really easy-to-use.

High hardness, sufficient fracture strength and excellent cuttability characterize this product.


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Oxford Bite

Part Number Article
75-001 2 x 50 ml / 76 g Oxford Bite Automix 1:1 | 12 x Oxford Mix TIP(O) green
01-007 50 x Oxford Mix TIP(O) green for Automix 50 ml 1:1
05-004 Oxford Automix Dispenser 2:1 / 1:1, 50 ml