Semi-Permanent or Temporary Materials

After tooth preparations for inlays or crowns it is important to protect the prepared teeth and to preserve the occlusion.

Temporary crowns & bridges materials made from Bis Acryl composites such as Oxford TEMP protect the prepared teeth and prevent damage of the periodontal tissue. Moreover, the low temperature increase during setting and the methylmethacrylate-free composition make this product very comfortable for the patient. It is also suitable for long term provisionals.

Oxford Correct is a resin based flowable composite indicated for use in the repair and/or modification of Oxford Temp. Oxford Glaze INTRA is a light cure durable coating which offers a perfect glossy surface of the temporary. The application is fast and with less effort in comparison to mechanical polishing.

Temporary Restorations should be cemented with an easy to apply and easy to clean-up temporary cement such as Oxford TEMP CEM Universal. It enables easy removal of the temporary when the definitive crown & bridge has to be seated. If a specially good asthetics is wished for the temporary cement, Oxford proposes the Oxford Temp CEM Flexi-Trans: an esthetic transparent dual cure temporary cement.

Moreover Oxford offers as semi-permanent application, a cement specially develops for crowns & bridges on implants: Oxford Cem IMPLANT.