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Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

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Oxford Temp

Oxford Temp – the Strength to Last – without Methylmethacrylate

Oxford Temp is a temporary crown and bridge material formulated with multifunctional methacrylic esters, but without methylmethacrylate. As a result, Oxford Temp has superior compressive strength, superior diametral tensile strength and an outstanding elastic modulus. This creates long lasting temporary crowns and bridges.
Oxford Temp‘s lower exothermic heat during polymerisation improves  patient comfort and the absence of methylmethacrylate reduces the potential for sensitivity.


Features Benefits
• Automix dispensing • Bubble free mixing
• Greater convenience
• Low exothermic heat • Greater patient comfort
• Less pulpa irritation
• Methylmethacrylate free • Lower potential for sensitivity
• Fluorescence • More natural appearance
• High fracture resistance & hardness • Especially suitable for long stable bridge
spans or thin veeners

Product Information


Contemporary Solutions Magazine – A case report with Oxford Temp/  The Fabrication of Posterior Restorations Using Oxford Temp


Ordering Information

Oxford TEMP – Includes: 1 x 50 ml / 76 g Automix 10:1 | 10 x Oxford Mix TIP(S)16 for Automix 4:1 / 10:1

Part Number Article
30-001A1 Oxford Temp A1
30-001A2 Oxford Temp A2
30-001A3 Oxford Temp A3
30-001A3,5 Oxford Temp A1,5
30-001B1 Oxford Temp B1
30-001B3 Oxford Temp B3
30-001C2 Oxford Temp C2
30-001Bleach Oxford Temp Bleach
05-003 50 ml Applicator Gun 10:1 / 4:1 Ratio


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