Oxford Temp CEM Universal

Eugenol Free Temporary Zinc Oxide Cement

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Oxford Temp CEM Universal

Optimal Balance of Good Adhesion and Easy Removability

Oxford Temp CEM Universal is a provisional cement for temporary crowns and bridges. It has the optimal balance of good adhesion and easy removability. No residual cement remains on the tooth. Oxford Temp CEM Universal protects the prepared tooth and ensures safety to dentist and patient.

Features Benefits
• Optimal adhesion with easy clean-up • Temporary stays in place• Easy-to-clean off excess cement• No residual cement remains on the tooth structure
• Eugenol free • Compatible with resin cements and bonding procedures
• Automix delivery • No mixing required saves on time and waste, fast and convenient to apply
• Contains zinc oxide • Known for safety against bacteria and secondary caries

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Ordering Information

Oxford Temp CEM Universal – Includes: 1 x 5 ml / 9 g Minimix 1:1 with 10 x Oxford Mix TIP(S)12 for Minimix 1:1

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32-002 Oxford Temp CEM Universal


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