Oxford Iono VLC

Light Cure Glass Ionomer based Liner

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Oxford Iono VLC

Fluoride Release and Optimized Sealing!

Oxford Iono VLC is a light cure liner suitable under all composite filling materials. Thanks to its good flowable consistency it is very easy to handle and to apply. The fluoride release of this product is excellent for protection against caries. The optimized sealing of the filling minimizes postoperative sensitivity.

Features Benefits
 Good flowable consistency
  • Easy to place
  • Minimize postoperative sensitivity
 Sustainable fluoride release   Caries protection
 Optimal volume shrinkage   Optimal sealing

Product Information


Ordering Information

Includes: 2 x 2ml / 3,3 g Oxford Iono VLC syringes | 6 x Needle TIP 20

Part Number Article
23-003 2 x 2ml / 3,3 g Oxford Iono VLC  syringes | 6 x Needle TIP 20
02-006 50 x Oxford Needle Tip 20


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