Oxford Glaze INTRA

Light Cure Varnish for Provisional Crowns and Bridges

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Oxford Glaze INTRA

Highly esthetic and shiny surface without polishing!

Oxford Glaze INTRA is a light cure varnish. It is a durable coating which offers a perfect glossy surface of the temporary. The application is fast and with less effort in comparison to mechanical polishing.


Features Benefits
• Perfect shine without polishing • Saves time• Less effort• Highly esthetic• Hinders plaque formation
• Light cure • Faster and convenient
• Optimal fow properties • Easy application
• Improved wear resistance • Durability
• Can be used to repair temporaries • Versatile
• Free of methylmethacrylate • Excellent biocompatibility

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Oxford Glaze INTRA – Includes: 1 x 5 ml

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39-001 Oxford Glaze INTRA


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