Oxford Flow SE

Light Cure Self Adhesive Flowable Composite

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Oxford Flow SE

Priming, Bonding, Filling with only one Material!

Oxford Flow SE is a flowable, light curing, radiopaque and self adhesive composite. It is the optimal solution for small class I fillings. It is also a perfect choice for lining with composites and as pit and fissure sealant. Oxford Flow SE has a reliable adhesion to dentine and enamel before and after thermocycling.

Features Benefits
• Adhesive and filling material in one product • Time saving
• Easy application
• Not technique sensitive • High reliability
• Optimal consistency • Ideal for each of the mentioned indications
• Excellent handling
• Not technique sensitive • High reliability
• Excellent polishability • Very good esthetics

Product Information


Ordering Information

Oxford Flow SE – Includes: 1 x 2 ml / 3,3 g syringe | 3 x Oxford Needle TIP | 3 x brush

Part Number Oxford Flow SE Shade
13-001A1 Shade A1
13-001A2 Shade A2
13-001A3 Shade A3
13-001B1 Shade B1


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