Oxford Flow NANO

Light Cure Flowable Nano Composite

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Oxford Flow NANO

The Esthetic and Strength of Nano Technology married to the Versatility of a Flowable Composite

The clinical benefits of flowable composites have been well docum ented – flowability to fill in irregularities, good wetting of surfaces, adaptation to margins, the flexibility to restore cervical regions and to provide stress relief during polymerisation. However their limitations have also been understood – less abrasion resistance, higher shrinkage and reduced physical properties. Now, Oxford Flow NANO gives you all of the desirable attributes of a flowable composite combined with the superior esthetics and strength of nano technology.

Features Benefits
• Nano-filler technology:
improved performance
• Significantly less shrinkage
• Improved physical properties
• Improved polishability
• Higher surface gloss
• High abrasion resistance
• Optimal flow properties:
it stays where you place it
• Fills in surface irregularities
• Eliminates voids
• Optimal surface “wetting” of cavity walls
• Optimal flexible characteristics:
convenient & easy-to-use
• Ideal for use in cervical areas
• Provides stress relief during polymerisation

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Ordering Information

Oxford Flow NANO – Includes:

1 x 2 ml / 3,5 g syringe with 3 x Oxford Needle TIP 17 gauge

Part Number
Oxford Flow Nano Shade
11-002A1 Shade A1
11-002A2 Shade A2
11-002A3 Shade A3
11-002A35 Shade A3,5
11-002B2 Shade B2
11-002B3 Shade B3
11-002C2 Shade C2
11-002C3* Shade C3
 *Please contact us for those specific references


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