Oxford Flo CORE

Dual cure core build-up and post cement

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Oxford Flo CORE

Core build-up and post cement: Reliable and convenient product!

Oxford Flo CORE is a dual cure resin core build-up material. With its thixotropic behaviour, it stays where you place it and flows when you touch it. It is supplied in 5 ml minimix syringe to facilitate easy placement onto the tooth or into the root canal when used as a post cement.

Enjoy the versatility of strong core build-up material and post cement with reliable physical properties whether used in the self or dual cure mode!


Features Benefits
• Very high flexural and compressive strength • Optimal foundation for the crown whether
used in the self or dual cure mode
• Cuts like natural dentine • Precise final crown preparation
• Thixotropic, yet flowable • Easy-to-build and sculpt cores
• Good flow for use as post cement
• Versatile • Can be used as a core material or post cement
• Minimix syringe • Dispensing void free mixing
• Easy application in the oral cavity
• Dual cure • Setting on command
• Greater versatility & time saving

Product Information


Ordering Information

Oxford Flo CORE – Includes: 1 x 5 ml / 1 x 9 g Minimix 1:1 with 5 x Oxford Mix TIP(O)08 for Minimix 1:1 and 5 x Oxford Endo TIP

Part Number Syringe Oxford Flo CORE Shade
12-003A2 Oxford Flo CORE, A2
12-003A3 Oxford Flo CORE, A3
12-003White Oxford Flo CORE, White
12-003Blue Oxford Flo CORE, Blue


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