Oxford Ceram P

Light Cure Condensable Composite for Heavy Stress-Bearing Restorations

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Oxford Ceram P

Universal, Strong and Condensable!

Oxford Ceram P is a light cure composite for heavy stress-bearing restorations especially in posterior areas. The stiff and condensable consistency is ideal for this indication.

Features Benefits
• Strong mechanical properties • Durable restorations• Resists flexing and maintains marginal seal
• Resists abrasion • Long-lasting restoratives
• Non sticky, condensable consistency • Easy-to-place• Good marginal adaption• Ideal for posterior fillings• Hold matrix band in place
• User-friendly selection of colors • Good esthetics

Product Information


Ordering Information

Oxford Ceram P includes: 1 x 4 g syringe

Part Number Oxford Ceram P Shade
10-003A2 Shade A2
10-003A3 Shade A3
10-003A3,5 Shade A3,5


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