Oxford Ceram MICRO

Light Cure Microhybrid Composite

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Oxford Ceram MICRO

The „Classical” Composite: Convenient and Reliable

Oxford Ceram MICRO is a light curing universal microhybrid composite. It combines reliable mechanical properties,
very good handling and good polishing qualities.

Oxford Ceram MICRO offers a very favourable ratio of benefits and costs per treatment.

Features Benefits
• Convenient and reliable consistency • Easy-to-apply
• Very good adaptation to the bond layer • Excellent marginal seal
• High mechanical properties • Universal use
• Posterior or anterior fillings
• Suitable for all cavities
• Light cure • Command set
• Good polishability with optimalfluorescence • Good esthetic properties

Product Information


Ordering Information

Oxford Ceram MICRO – Includes: 1 x 4,5 g syringe

Part Number
Oxford Ceram MICRO Shade
10-001Inc Shade Incisal
10-001Den Shade Dentine
10-001A1 Shade A1
10-001A2 Shade A2
10-001A3 Shade A3
10-001A3,5 Shade A3.5
10-001A4 Shade A4
10-001B2 Shade B2
10-001C2 Shade C2
10-001C3 Shade C3
10-001C4 Shade C4
10-001D2 Shade D2
10-001D3 Shade D3
10-001Bleach Shade Bleach


Oxford Ceram MICRO System TE (with Total-Etch Bonding) includes:

  • 6 x 4,5 g Oxford Ceram MICRO syringes – Shades Enamel: A1; A2; A3; A3,5; B2; C2
  • 1 x 5 ml Oxford Bond TE – Mono bottle | 50 x brush | 1 x mixing well | 1 x brush holder
  • 1 x 3 ml Oxford Etch syringe | 3 x Oxford Needle TIP blue – 1 x Shade guide
Part Number Article
15-001 Oxford Ceram Micro System TE


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