Oxford Cem SE

Dual cure self etching luting cement

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Oxford Cem SE

Oxford Cem SE is a very innovative dual cure luting cement for inlays, onlays, crowns & bridges and posts. This product has been developed not only to simplify and reduce the  dentist’s work but also to ensure the final results. With a very good color stability and a tooth like fluorescence Oxford Cem SE allows superior esthetic restorations.


Features Benefits
• Simplified application • No acid etching step
• No separate priming step
• Self etching • Gente to the tooth
• Cost and time-saving!
• Excellent color stability • Esthetic restorations
• High fluoride release • Caries protection
• Dual cure • Light cure to allow an immediate retention
• Self cure to reach also dark areas (e.g. for postcementation)

Product Information


Ordering Information

Oxford Cem SE – Includes: 1 x 5 ml / 8 g Minimix 4:1 with 5 x Oxford Mix TIP(O)12 for Minimix 4:1- 10 x Oxford Mix TIP(O)12 for Minimix 4:1 – 5 x Oxford Endo TIP

Part Number
Oxford Cem SE Shade
13-002TRA Oxford Cem SE, Translucent
13-002A2 Oxford Cem SE, A2
13-002OA3 Oxford Cem SE, A3


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