Oxford Cem IMPLANT

Semi-Permanent Cement for Crowns & Bridges on Implants

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Oxford Cem IMPLANT

Good retention but easy to remove? Yes, Oxford Cem IMPLANT can!

Oxford Cem IMPLANT is a unique dual cure luting cement, which combines good fixation with easy removal in case of repair, extra-oral cleaning or  peri-implantitis diseases. Oxford Cem IMPLANT is particularly easy to clean up and easy to re-cement.


Features Benefits
• Controlled slight expansion and low film thickness • Safe fixation, excellent marginal seal
• Dual cure • Fast positioning with command set
• Elastic and shock absorbing properties • Reduces bone stress & gives more comfort to patient
• No bonding, priming or etching • Removable clean and easy to re-cement
• Convenient gel stage • Easy removal of excess material
• Optimised tooth-coloured translucency • Esthetic results of high quality
• Eugenol – free • Compatible with other materials
• Contains Zincoxide • Zinc is known for good antibacterial properties

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Ordering Information

Oxford Cem IMPLANT– Includes: 1 x 5 ml / 8 g syringe 4:1 | 10 x Oxford Mix TIP(S)12 for
Minimix 4:1 / 10:1

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12-008 Oxford Cem IMPLANT


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