Oxford Bond SE Dual

Self Etching Adhesive – Dual Cure

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Oxford Bond SE Dual        TDA_4

Self etch bonding made more versatile!

Oxford Bond SE Dual is a unique, simple-to-use, self etching adhesive which is designed for use with both direct and indirect restorations. Oxford Bond SE Dual provides strong, reliable bonding of composites, compomers and resin-modified glass ionomer materials to dentine and enamel.

Features Benefits
• Self etching adhesive • Less risk of patient sensitivity
• Fewer application steps
• Easy-to-use
• Dual cure ability • Can be used with or without a curing light
• Versatile / can be used with light, chemical and
dual cured composites
• High bond strength • Reliable sealing of margins
• Available in bottles or SingleMix • Greater convenience

Product Information


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Product profile on the American Dental Association
Esthetic Dentistry: A Clinical Approach to Techniques and Materials / Kenneth W. Aschheim
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Ordering Information

Oxford Bond SE Dual

Part Number Article
21-002 2 x 5 ml bottle with 50 x microbrush®, 5 x mixing well
21-003 35 x SingleMix à 0,15 ml with 35 x microbrush®

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