Oxford Bond TE Mono

Light Cure Single Bottle Total Etch Bonding

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Oxford Bond TE Mono

Light Cure Total Etch Bonding: Trust in Oxford Scientific Bonding Technology!

Oxford Bond TE Mono is a light cure bonding agent that combines both the primer and the adhesive in a single bottle to create a ”one step bonding“ after etching. Oxford Bond TE Mono allows high bond strengths with excellent marginal seal, while saving time and simplifying the bonding process.

Features Benefits
• High bond strengths • Very strong bonding to dentine and enamel
• Total etch system • Reliable bonding to dentine and enamel, excellent marginal seal
• Versatile • Bonds to dentine, enamel, precious and semi-precious metals, ceramics and composite resins
• Single bottle dispensing • Time saving and easy application

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Ordering Information

Oxford Bond TE Mono includes: 1 x 5 ml bottle

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20-001  1 x 5 ml bottle


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