Oxford Bond TE Dual

Total Etch Adhesive – Dual Cure

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Oxford Bond TE Dual

Dual Cure Total Etch Bonding: Strong and Reliable!

Oxford Bond TE Dual is a dual cure bonding that primes and bonds in one step after etching. It offers very good bonding, also in areas which are difficult to reach with curing light.


Features Benefits
• Total etch bonding • Very strong bonding to
– etched enamel and dentine
– non-precious and precious metals
• Dual cure flexibility • Two components are mixed before use
• Can be used with dual and self, light cure composites
• Hydrophilic properties • Easy-to-use wet-bonding technique

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Ordering Information

Oxford Bond TE Dual – Includes: 2 x 5 ml bottle | 50 x microbrush® | 5 x mixing well

Oxford Etch (37% phosphoric acid gel) – Includes: 1 x 3 ml / 3,9 g syringe | 3 x Oxford Needle TIP 25 gauge

Part Number Article
20-002 Oxford Bond TE Dual
20-006 Oxford Etch

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