Oxford GI Resin FILL UF

Light Cure Ultra Fine Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement for Filling

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Oxford GI Resin Fill UF is a resin modified restorative glass-ionomer cement. In this product the glass ionomer components provide fluoride release and natural adhesion. They are perfectly combined with the resin component in order to obtain esthetic fillings, discoloration-free and high polishability.

Oxford GI Resin Fill UF shows optimal adhesion when used with Oxford GI Resin PRIME VLC.

• Primary tooth fillings
• Core build-ups
• Dental neck fillings
• Linings for composite fillings
• Uniplanar & multiplanar temporary fillings
• Small class I fillings
• Esthetic fillings
• Long working time with light cure command set
• Tooth protection by fluoride release

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Ordering Information

Oxford GI Resin Fill UF Capsules

Includes: 50 Oxford GI Resin Fill UF Capsules e.a. 0,5 g

Part Number Article
51-013A2 Shade A2
51-013A35 Shade A3,5
51-013A3 Shade A3
05-002 Oxford Capsule Applier


Oxford GI Resin Fill UF Handmix

Includes: 15 g powder / 8 ml liquid Oxford GI Resin Fill UF Handmix | dosage spoon | mixing block

Part Number Article
51-012A2 Shade A2
51-012A35 Shade A3,5
51-012A3 Shade A3


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