Oxford Root FILL System

Oxford Root FILL System: The simplifed and effcient root canal treatment

The Oxford Root Fill system includes Oxford Root SEAL, a dual cure self etching dentine sealer / adhesive and Oxford Root FILL, a dual cure root canal flling material. Oxford Root FILL System is a new technology to seal and fill the root canal. It is ideal to continue with resin-based core build-up materials.

  • Oxford Root SEAL is an easy to apply self etching adhesive.
  • Oxford Root FILL fills completely the canal and prevents bacteria penetration. It is soft and allows convenient revision of the root canal flling.


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Oxford Root FILL System mit Verpackung

Oxford Root FILL System:

  • Easy, fast and convenient application
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Optimal compatible with standard endodontic and adhesive restoration procedures
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Easy revision possible
  • Good radiopacity

Oxford Root SEAL – Dual Cure Self Etching Dentine Sealer / Adhesive

Features Benefits
• Self etching material • Simple procedure• No need for extra priming step
• Adapted viscosity • Flows easily


Oxford Root FILL – Dual Cure Root Canal Flling Material

Features Benefits
• Perfect handling characteristics • Optimal viscosity and consistency• Comfortable working time of 10 minutes• Dual cure with “command set” possibility
• Compatible with standard restorative procedures • Use with Guttapercha possible• Bonds to core build-up composite
• Adapted material strength • Easy-to-remove
• Hydrophilic material with excellent fowability and controlled expansion • Excellent sealing and perfect adaptation to canal walls
• Bacteriostatic • Safety for the patient


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Oxford Root FILL System – Includes:

  • 1 x 2,5 ml / 3,9 g Minimix 4:1 Oxford Root FILL  |  5 x Oxford Mix TIP(O)12  |  5 x Oxford Endo TIP
  • 2 x 1 ml bottle  Oxford Root SEAL   |  5 x mixing pad   |  5 x Oxford Endo BRUSH

It fts with : Oxford Root PREP – Gel for root canal preparation Excellent biocompatibility

Part Number Article
15-002 Oxford Root FILL System
15-002 Oxford Root FILL REFILL – 1 x 5 ml / 7,8 g Minimix 4 : 1 | 5 x Oxford Mix TIP(O)12 | 5 x Oxford Endo TIP
22-001 Oxford Root SEAL REFILL Single Dose – 35 x SingleMix à 0,15 ml | 35 x microbrush
22-002 Oxford Root SEAL REFILL – 2 x 3 ml bottles | 5 x mixing pad | 50 x Oxford Endo BRUSH®
41-001 Oxford Root PREP – 1 x 3 ml / 3,9 g syringes | 6 x transparent luer lock cannulas


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