The success of non-surgical endodontic treatment is highly dependent on the access of cavity, proper cleaning / preparation of the root canal and the quality of the root canal obturation. Thereafter, the endodontic materials have to to provide a bacteriostatic seal for the root canal. In addition, they must be sufficient radiopaque and removable in case of the secondary treatment.

The new Oxford Root FILL System (containing Oxford Root FILL and Oxford Root SEAL) is perfectly adapted to meet these desired properties for the successful root canal treatment.

Oxford MTA is the ideal product for repair of root perforation and apex closure (ortho- or retrograde) as well as for direct pulMTA BILDp capping.

It avoids necrosis, it is biocompatible and it stimulates formation of tertiary dentine. Therefore it is the perfect choice endodontic treatment. Oxford MTA is delivered in capsules, allowing an easy placement, void free mixing and optimal consistency.