Oxford Reline SOFT System

Chairside soft relining material for dentures based on A-Silicone

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Oxford Reline SOFT System

Chairside in mouth or indirect use!

Single visit reline material eliminates the lab fee

The Oxford Reline SOFT System is an easy-to-use, chairside reline system delivered in an automix cartridge. It´s proprietary adhesive system ensures a long lasting bond of the reline material to the denture acrylic. The special formula of the silicone based liner contains no plasticizers that can leach out and cause it to harden and discolor. Because the liner is odor-less, taste-less and does not generate heat, patient comfort is guaranteed.

Features Benefits
• One visit, chairside application • A more proftable procedure

• Saves the lab fee

• Proprietary adhesive system • Long lasting adhesion to denture acrylic
• Special silicone based liner • No unpleasant odor, neutral taste

• No heat generated on setting

• Kind to oral tissue, improved patient comfort

• No plasticizers • Will not leach out and harden, will not discolor
• Automix delivery • Greater convenience, direct application

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Ordering Information

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76-001  Oxford Reline SOFT System


Oxford Reline SOFT 1 x 50 ml / 53 g Automix 1:1 with 6 x Oxford Mix TIP(O)12 pink for Automix 50 ml 1:1
Oxford Prime SOFT 1 x   5 ml bottle
Oxford Gloss VARNISH 2 x   5 ml bottle ( Part A&B )


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