Denture Relining

Due to regression of the bone, dentures ma y become loose, they ma y need relining. Poorly fitted dentures can lead to a number of serious problems. Denture relining can be done in various ways.

A comfortable method for denture relining is the application of a permanent soft relining material, based on addition curing vin yl silicones, such as Oxford Reline SOFT. This relining material, can be carried out chairside in the dental practice. Providing a thin cushion layer for the denture, it is:

• easy to use with its automix cartridge and suitable on all standard resins for prosthesis
• color stable, permanently soft, taste and odor free with reduced risk of oral tissue irritation
• very durable with its outstanding adhesion to dentures

In combination with Oxford Prime SOFT, a chemical bond to the hard acrylic base of the denture is achieved.

Do not fight anymore to remove the relining material from the denture! use our removal agent for Oxford Reline SOFT from Dentures: Oxford Soft REMOVE.

Oxford Reline HARD and Oxford Prime HARD are the hard corresponding materials. This cold curing relining material is designed for the fast and easy fabrication of long-term hard relining of dentures. Delivered in automix cartridge, easy polishable, it will allow to bring to the patient a smooth surface denture and an improved wear comfort.