Core Build-up, Cements and Dual-Cure Bondings

After root canal treatments or in case of severely decayed teeth, the restoration can be reconstructed with dual cure core build-up materials.

Oxford core build up materials are:

Oxford Zircore NANO, a premium dual cure core build-up and post cement material, nano-zirconia reinforced.

Oxford Flo CORE, a dual cure core build-up and post cement material.

In order to lute crowns & bridges, inlays, onlays and posts, Oxford offrers you various types of luting cements:

Oxford Cem SE, a dual cure self etching luting cement.

Oxford Flo CEM, a dual cure flowable composite cement, for a strong, reliable and convenional product.

Oxford core build up materials and cements can be combined if needed with dual cure bondings:

Oxford Bond SE Dual, a dual cure self-etching bonding agent – etching and bonding in one step.

Oxford Bond TE Dual, a dual cure total etch bonding agent – conventional technique with etching gel.