Oxford Double BLEACH and Oxford Dam

In Offce Bleaching Gel for Tooth Whitening

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 Oxford Double BLEACH+Dam

Smile and the world smiles with you!

No one can disregard the importance of having a esthetic smile. Whitening products have to be efficient and easy to use, just like Oxford Double BLEACH. It should be used with Oxford Bleach DAM, a light cure dam for gingival protection.

Features Benefits
• 27 % hydrogenperoxide with excellent wetting on the tooth • High effcient bleaching

• No need for light curing device

• Optimal non-runny consistency • Easy-to-use

Product Information


Ordering Information

Part Number Article
45-003 Oxford Double BLEACH: 1 x 8 ml Minimix 10:1 with 6  x Oxford Mix TIP(S) 08 for Minimix 10:1
45-003 Oxford Dam: 1 x 2 ml syringe with 10 x Oxford Needle TIP 18 gauge


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